I'm Just a Girl – By Douglas England

It is 2003 in Orlando, Florida, where twenty-two-year-old Alexandra Moody ekes out a living as a bartender, fretting over her bad boyfriend choices almost as much as the lingering effects of the computer virus. A virus that four years earlier wrecked global online networks, causing universal panic and the near-total collapse of economies worldwide. Alex's mundane existence is quickly thrown into turmoil after a series of bizarre encounters and horrific events seem to indicate she has a much bigger role to play in the country's future than she is willing to admit. Alex maintains "I'm just a girl," despite the growing evidence to the contrary and the voices she hears in her head telling her something quite different.Alex's raw and unfiltered narration take the reader on a strange journey filled with unforgettable characters, emotional upheaval, and unexpected twists leading to a suspenseful and surprising conclusion.Immensely readable and often wickedly funny, I'm Just a Girl is a totally original debut about one young woman's quest to find the best within herself.

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"After the girl that hears the voices is discovered, her city will be laid to ruin."

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